Golfing Accidents

Golf remains a hugely popular sport, particularly here in Florida. Many golfers love it because it’s a low impact sport that they can participate in for decades, much longer than they could for most other sports. Despite its reputation as being a “safe” sport, golfing accidents and injuries do occur. Some of these incidents can be traced to negligence and may result in personal injury, premises liability, or even wrongful death lawsuits.

The Beregovich Law Firm believes that if you have been injured on a golf course, through no fault of your own, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

How Negligence Leads To Golf Accidents

Some injuries, like strained muscles, are not due to negligence, but others can definitely be traced by to negligent behavior or actions. It is in those kinds of situations that our personal injury attorney can help victims recover damages.

Situations that have led to golf courses being found negligent, and thus responsible for a golfer’s injuries, include:

  • Dangerous Landscaping
  • Dangerous Wildlife
  • Defective Equipment
  • Defective Machinery
  • Disregard of Safety Codes or Standards
  • Flying Golf Balls or Clubs
  • Golf Cart Injury
  • Golfer Negligence
  • Lightning Warning Failure
  • Slip & Falls

In most of these situations, the golf course owners or management did not take appropriate actions to prevent the danger and were then held liable for the golfer’s injuries. Golf courses are considered a place of business and the State of Florida requires businesses to ensure that their properties are safe for customers. By not taking preventative measures, golf courses are setting themselves up for personal injury or negligence lawsuits.

You may also have been injured by another golfer. If this is the case, we can help you file a personal injury lawsuit.

Find Out If You Are Due Compensation For Florida Golfing Accidents

If you have been injured in a Florida golfing accident, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact The Beregovich Law Firm for a free case review. We’ll examine the facts and advise you of the best course of action.

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