Cheerleader Accidents

Cheerleading is one of the more dangerous sports a teen can participate in. Offering little to no safety protection, it’s no surprise that the sport sees a steady string of injuries year after year. Now that cheerleading has moved away from simple cheering to include complicated gymnastics-type moves and aerial maneuvers, the injuries are much more serious than sprains and strains. Some cheerleading accidents are catastrophic and life-altering for the cheerleader.

That’s not fair to the teen, who may now be stuck living with the effects of the injury for the rest of his/her life. Female cheerleaders suffer worse injuries than male cheerleaders since they are the ones who are often tossed up in the air or made to execute complex moves. Head, neck, and spine injuries are very common among female cheerleaders.

Schools and coaches can be held responsible for these preventable accidents. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, families may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, parents’ time off from work due to the need to care for the injured cheerleader, and pain and suffering.

The Beregovich Law Firm helps families pursue this compensation by providing legal expertise, advice, and guidance throughout Florida.

A Poorly Regulated Sport

Part of the problem is that cheerleading isn’t recognized as the dangerous sport that it is. That means there is very little regulation of the sport and very few of the requirements for schools or coaches that other sports require. A lack of standardized training standards, safety equipment and emergency preparedness all contribute to cheerleader accidents.

Just because the sport lacks adequate protections, doesn’t mean that cheerleaders and their families have no recourse after an injury. If your child has been injured while cheerleading, The Beregovich Law Firm can help you evaluate the situation and determine if the school or coach has liability for the injury.

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