Airplane Accidents

There are few news reports that instill more horror than those of airplane accidents. Although statistically much safer than traveling by automobile, airplane accidents, when they do happen, involve very high numbers of casualties and injuries.

Unsurprisingly, airplane accidents are some of the most complex and complicated of Florida accident cases to settle. They involve numerous insurance carriers, determining liability can be extremely difficult, they may drag on for years, and extenuating circumstances factor in to nearly every situation.

There is hope, though. With help from an experienced personal injury attorney at The Beregovich Law Firm, you can pursue your right to compensation for injuries, wrongful death, or property loss due to airplane accidents.

Complex Cases Require A Practiced, Thoughtful Approach

The Beregovich Law Firm represents clients throughout Florida who have been injured or lost loved ones in private and commercial airplane accidents. We take care to examine the many different factors that influence aviation accidents so we can achieve the best settlement possible for our clients. We examine anything and everything that could have had an impact on the incident including:

  • Faulty Equipment
  • FAA Regulation Violations
  • Pilot Errors
  • Problems or Defects in the Design or Structure of the Aircraft
  • Employee Negligence
  • Third Party Negligence
  • Federal Air Traffic Controller Negligence

This comprehensive approach to investigating airplane accidents ensures that no stone is left unturned and everyone responsible for the accident is brought to justice.

Learn More About Airplane Accident Representation By Contacting The Beregovich Law Firm In Florida

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