When you have a contract dispute or breach of contract issue, you want it resolved quickly and cost-effectively. We often recommend mediation or arbitration to allow the dispute to be resolved more quickly. However when necessary we also offer you litigation alternatives. Our primary objective is to achieve the maximum recovery for our clients in every case.

Our Law Firm Handles The Following Types Of Contract Disputes:

  • Employment
  • Government
  • Business
  • Physician
  • Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Lease
  • Services
  • Buy-Sell
  • Licensing
  • Entertainment
  • Loan
  • Supplier
  • Asset-Purchase
  • Franchise
  • Construction

We Counsel Our Clients On Basic Contract Issues Before They Enter Into Any Contracts Or When They Are In A Contract Dispute On A Per Contract Basis Such As But Not Limited To:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Money Damages
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Specific Performance
  • Parole Evidence Rule
  • Statute of Frauds
  • Coercion and Fraud
  • Capacity of the Parties
  • Lack of Mutual Assent
  • Illegality
  • Contract Defenses
  • Compensatory Damages
  • Rescission
  • Attorneys’ Fees and Costs