A Growing Industry: Insurance for Shooting Someone in Self-Defense

Programs like U.S. Law Shield promise to defend gun owners for free if they shoot someone in self-defense. Click here to read more.

Feeling Vulnerable? Orlando Police Department Offers Free Residential Security Surveys – Watch Video

Feeling vulnerable these days? Orlando Police Department is offering free on-site security surveys of your home to give you and your family tips on how to better secure your home from intruders. Watch the video here and call 407-246-2369.

Leaving the ‘Big Fish, Small Pond’ Mentality Behind

More challenging ponds allow you to exercise in ways small ponds never allow. Don’t limit yourself and never say never. Learn more here.


Medicare Eligible? Open your Mail and Read it Carefully

A special Medicare provision called “seamless conversion,” allows private health insurance companies to automatically enroll individuals who become eligible for Medicare. Some health insurance companies are automatically signing members of its non-Medicare insurance plans into their Medicare plans when they reach 65, the age of Medicare eligibility. You can opt out. Read your mail carefully. Click here for more information.


Self-Driving Cars to Slash Auto Insurance Rates by 40%

With major car manufactures embracing self-driving technology, experts predict that insurance rates will drop 40% by 2050 as automation makes driving vehicles safer. For more information, click here.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploding onto the Market … and while Charging. Feds recall

Feds recall Samsung Galaxy Note 7 amid reports of exploding devices. Read more here.


Andres Beregovich featured in Orlando Style Magazine’s ‘Legal Elite’

Orlando Style Magazine features prominent local lawyers in a section dubbed, ‘Legal Elite.’ Andres Beregovich is grateful for the opportunity to be recognized and join other distinguished colleagues in this celebrated forum. Pick up a copy of the September issue or click here to view the article!


Driving For Uber Could Invalidate Your Personal Auto Insurance Policy

Florida Statute 324.021 requires minimum insurance on all road vehicles. Review your personal auto insurance policy to determine if there is an exclusion for “driving-for-hire.” If you are in an accident while driving an Uber or using any ride-share app, coverage under your personal auto insurance policy for property and/or bodily injury damages under Florida No-Fault (PIP) benefits will likely be denied. Read here for more information.


Need Plans for Saturday & Sunday? Experience Pop Art Prints at Mennello Museum of American Art

Pop Art took the American art scene by storm approximately 50 years ago. Pop Art Prints presents a selection of 37 prints from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection and is part of a series that highlights objects from the Smithsonian’s collection that are rarely on public view from artists such as Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein. Saturday and Sunday. Mennello Museum 900 East Princeton Street, Orlando. Admission is free. #loveorlando #beregovichlaw


Sham Accounts Meet Internal Quotas at Wells Fargo

At Wells Fargo, widespread illegal banking practices by employees secretly ripped off customers to meet internal quotas. Approximately 1% of Wells Fargo employees systematically engaged in a practice of opening 1.5 million fake bank and credit card accounts from real customers without their consent. Customers often accumulated late fees in the hundreds of thousands. Read more here.