“Perfect Storm” Of Lax Liability Laws In Florida Allows Medical Negligence Reports To Build Up

Examining the alarming rise in illnesses and injuries associated with certain cosmetic procedures in Florida, USA Today has published an investigative piece that takes a hard look at how cosmetic surgery clinics sacrifice patient safety in favor of lining surgeon and clinic wallets – and they seem to do it without fear of legal repercussions.

The report examines how eight women have died as a result of botched cosmetic procedures performed by doctors at the same Miami clinic; the highest number of casualties of any clinic in the state. How the physicians involved have been able to keep operating is a study in the intricate licensing and health and safety loopholes the cosmetic surgery industry has been able to use to their advantage. Read the entire USA Today article here.

The Beregovich Law Firm is not willing to let that continue. We have represented patients who have been injured at the clinic in question and other clinics to advocate for patient safety and fight for injured patients’ right to compensation for their injuries.

Andres Beregovich Fights For Patients

Our personal injury attorney, Andres Beregovich, is a fierce advocate for injured patients, particularly because so few other attorneys are willing to take up the challenge:

“In Miami, Florida, there exists a perfect storm wherein doctors and lawyers have created a formula for doctors to avoid liability and the consequences of their medical negligence by taking advantage of Florida’s lax financial responsibility laws. A community of surgeons in South Florida that have demonstrated their ability to consistently maim, disfigure and often kill their patients with little to no scrutiny by the Florida Department of Health and in the face of any empathy for humanity.

To add insult to injury, neither the surgeons nor the surgical clinics from which they operate maintain malpractice insurance for the nefarious acts they’ve committed. Since when is demanding a professional’s compliance with financial responsibility laws not a private cause of action when the professional will be performing major surgery under anesthesia? The line I get most from defense counsel representing the surgeons against my medical malpractice claims is, ‘Are you really going to go forward with this lawsuit with the knowledge that my client and his practice are uninsured? Fortunately, my client retained a lawyer many years ago on how to protect himself and his business from judgments.’

In the face of this despicable yet honest truism, my answer has always been, ‘Yes’.

Uninsured doctors are not immune from liability because tort lawyers won’t prosecute claims if there is no prospect of recovery. I am championing this cause and in the process, providing my colleagues with a model in which to prosecute the egregious acts of medical malpractice against certain doctors and the surgical clinics from which they operate who have all elected to not maintain malpractice insurance in order to avoid liability.”

The Beregovich Law Firm Will Fight For You

Help is available for patients who have been injured during medical procedures! The Beregovich Law Firm is dedicated to challenging these loopholes and holding physicians and clinics accountable for the damage they cause.

If you think you have been injured due to medical negligence or medical malpractice, contact our firm at (800) 631-9009 or email us today to arrange a consultation with our Florida medical malpractice attorney.




Personal Injury Can Take The Form Of Financial Loss As Well As Physical Injury

There’s a common misconception that you must be physically injured by another party to file a personal injury or negligence lawsuit. That is not true. In legal terms, “injury” or “loss” can take many forms, including financial losses.

We recently represented a client who lost over $100,000 worth of valuables from what should have been the safest place to store them – a safety deposit box at the local branch of a national banking institution.

As reported in the Orlando Sentinel, a school teacher had been using a safety deposit box at a local bank to safeguard family heirlooms, jewelry, cash, and gold coins for 13 years. When she went to open the box in 2017, she discovered the box was missing and the bank had no idea where it was. Eventually, a box was found, which the bank assured her was hers. However, upon opening the box with the help of a locksmith, none of our clients belongings were inside (to date, our clients’ items are still missing).

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Soon thereafter, the teacher approached us for help, wondering if she had any sort of legal recourse for the loss of her property. The way our personal injury attorney, Andres Beregovich, saw it, she did.

Negligence Plays a Key Role

At the heart of the matter are the bank’s actions. The bank should have protections in place to prevent the loss of safety deposit boxes and the property they contain, but somehow a loss or theft occurred anyway. This is negligence.

When a person or entity neglects to fulfill the duty entrusted to them or takes actions that lead to the failure of that duty and it results in a loss or injury to another party, it is possible for victims to pursue negligence claims.  

Even though our client did not suffer a physical injury, she has suffered a substantial loss, not just in terms of money, but she has also lost items that cannot be replaced. Although it is unlikely she will ever recover her property, we can help her recover financial compensation for her losses, which she can then use to pay the expenses she had planned to pay with the items in her safety deposit box.

Questions About Personal Injury? Contact Us!

There are many nuances in a personal injury situation. The best way to determine if your situation qualifies as a negligence case is to speak directly with Andres Beregovich, personal injury attorney.

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